Internal Divisions

Mapping Technicians in the Mapping Department plot acreage and legal descriptions, verify parcel tax identification numbers, verify legal descriptions and index the information into the office's land records database. Mapping Technicians use a variety of tools including scales, protractors, paper tax maps, tract books and various computer programs
Plat Board
The Plat Board consists of the Register of Deeds, County Clerk and County Treasurer. The Plat board approves plats upon recommendation of the Plat Engineering Department following its review of the plat
Plat Engineering
The Plat Engineering Department of the Register of Deeds office reviews plats of new subdivisions, condominium master plans, and amendments each year to ensure compliance with state survey and land division requirements. The Chief Plat Engineer also serves as the Remonumentation Survey Representative and as advisor to the Wayne County Plat Board, which is chaired by the Register of Deeds