Wayne County's Title VI Plan

published by: published by: Communications on 7/31/2015
 The core purpose of a Title VI Plan is to demonstrate that recipients of Federal funds, such as Wayne County, do not practice unlawful discrimination in selection of contractors on the basis of race, color, national origin, or sex. Furthermore, recipients must demonstrate that they have procedures in place to address complaints and grievances brought against the recipient of any of its contractors. 

Title VI prohibits two types of illegal discrimination; 1). "disparate treatment" - disparate treatment is defined as treating similarly situated persons differently because of their race, color national origin, sex, disability or age. 2). "disparate impact" - disparate impact occurs when a "neutral procedure or practice" results in fewer services, or benefits or inferior services or benefits, to a protected group. 

Wayne County's Title VI Plan

Wayne County's Title VI approval letter

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