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The Wayne County Sheriff's Marine Unit is responsible for patrolling all waters in the County of Wayne, which includes Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River and Lake Erie as well as Belleville Lake. 

The Marine Unit utilizes patrol vessels ranging from 21' to 24' for patrol work as well as various other vessels for specialized operations.

The unit is staffed with deputies, specially trained in marine law enforcement and search and rescue.  The Sheriff's Marine Unit performs law enforcement duties as well as search and rescue operations, boat livery inspections, boat accident investigations, alcohol enforcement and regatta patrols.  The Marine Unit also works with other law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels.  

One important function of the Marine Unit is conducting: 
boating safety programs for residents of the county

The Water Police!Instruction is provided at various public schools throughout the county as well as evening classes open to the general public.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Marine Unit also consists of deputies specially trained in underwater search and recovery operations.  

The dive team utilizes full-face masks, underwater communications equipment, harnesses, dry suits and an array of other specialty equipment used in police diving.   The divers are trained in rescue and recovery operations, limited/no visibility, cold water operations, ice and boat diving, river diving, search patterns and many other areas of specialized police diving.

ORV Classes to be held on the following dates:  

  • May 4th and 11th 2011
  • July 6th and 13th 2011 

Boating Safety Classes to be held on the following dates:  

  1. March 15th and 22nd 2011
  2. April 19th and 26th 2011
  3. May 17th and 24th 2011
  4. June 21st and 28th 2011
  5. July 19th and 26th 2011
  6. August 16th and 23rd 2011

Wayne County Sheriff Marine Safety Unit Guide to Local Speed and Wake Regulations


Benny N. Napoleon
Wayne County Sheriff
(313) 224-2222

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