Community Relations


The Community Outreach Unit provides a wide range of important crime preventive services to Wayne County citizens.  The Unit works in partnership with community groups, local business agencies, churches, etc., to enhance the quality of life and civic values within the community for the purpose of improving information sharing.  Community outreach offers citizens a clearer perception and comfort level with law enforcement. Trained deputies are disseminated to various schools, community groups and other venues to educate citizens on crime preventive measures.  Community Relations also includes the Wayne County Sheriff’s Reserve program, Chaplain Corp and works with the non-profit Wayne County Sheriff’s Youth Education fund, which raises private funds to support these educational efforts.   

School safety presentations

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office provides a range of important crime prevention services to Wayne County children.  Community Relations Officers provide educational programs such as Don't go with strangers,Say no to drugs,Whistle for safety and Handgun safety programs. 

For information call (313) 224-0614.

The Senior Safety Program

Our Senior Safety Program is an informative crime prevention presentation that addresses identity theft, scams and fraud, along with household and community safety tips. One of the most popular senior safety programs is the 911 Cell Phone Program, which converts old discarded cell phones into emergency phones for senior citizens.

To donate an old phone, or to sign up to receive a free 911 Emergency Cell Phone, or to learn more about any Senior Safety program offered by the Sheriff’s Office, call (313) 224-0614.


The Wayne County Sheriff Reserves are made up of a diverse group of men and women from all over Wayne County who volunteer at least eight hours per month to assist the Sheriff’s Office in some useful way.  Based on an Officer’s interest and qualifications, he or she may be assigned to a particular task that matches those skill sets.   All reserve officers may be assigned to work at any one of the special events in which the department participates.  There is a command structure and all reservists report directly to the Reservist Chief Deputy.

Benny N. Napoleon
Wayne County Sheriff
(313) 224-2222

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