Field Operations Division

Divisions Overview

The Field Operations Division of the Sheriff’s Office includes most of the non-jail or court services that citizens see on a regular basis, ranging from uniform patrols, to narcotics enforcement, marine and mounted patrols, Internet investigations, fugitive apprehension, CCW permit applications and much more.


Concealed Pistol License Unit:

Road Patrol 3100 Henry Ruff Westland, MI 48186


The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office works in conjunction with the Wayne County Clerk’s Office providing concealed pistol licenses (CPL’s).  The process begins by submitting an application with the Clerk’s Office. When the application process is complete, the Sheriff’s Office will fingerprint the applicant and conduct a background check.   The Sheriff’s Office processes over 17,000 applications annually.  Additionally, the unit is responsible for processing CPL suspensions due to violations of the CPL statutes.

Any questions concerning the fingerprinting or background process, please contact the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office at 734.721.2222.

Any questions concerning CPL Gun Safety Classes, please contact the Training Unit at 734.287.2267.

All other CPL questions or concerns, please contact the Wayne County Clerk’s Office at 313.224.5514.


 CPL Guide & Application   


Marine Unit:


4 Grosse Ile Parkway Trenton, MI 48183

The Wayne County Sheriff's Marine Unit is responsible for patrolling the waters in the County of Wayne, which includes Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River, Lake Erie and Belleville Lake.  This includes 38 miles of international border (140 sq. miles of water).  The Marine Unit is staffed with deputies specially trained in marine law enforcement, search and rescue, underwater search and recovery operations.  In rescue and recovery operations, divers may perform in limited or no visibility, cold water operations, ice and boat diving, river diving, various search patterns and many other areas of specialized police diving.  The Marine Unit also works with other law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels.  A vital function of the Marine Unit is to conduct boating safety programs for residents of the county.  Instruction is provided at various public schools throughout the county as well as evening classes open to the general public.  


Any questions concerning Boating Safety Classes, please contact the Wayne County Sheriff's Office at 734.675.2660





WCS Parks/Mounted Unit

3100 Henry Ruff Westland, MI 48186

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Mounted Unit was established in 1978 in an effort to increase patrol presence along Edward Hines Parkway.  Edward Hines Parkway is one of the largest urban parks in the country.  It stretches more than 23 miles through five different communities. Park rules and regulations are enforced by parks/mounted deputies on horseback and in patrol cars. 

The Mounted Unit and deputies in patrol cars also patrol other Wayne County Parks most commonly known as Center Parks, which include: Bell Creek and Lola Valley in Redford Township, Koppernick Park in Canton, Venoy Dorsey Park in the City of Wayne and Inkster and Colonel Parks in the City of Inkster.  In addition to patrolling the Center Parks, the Mounted Unit and deputies patrol Elizabeth Park located in the City of Trenton.


Municipal Support Enforcement Unit (M.S.E.U.)


The Municipal Support Enforcement Unit (M.S.E.U.) provides traffic and commercial motor vehicle enforcement support to several of Wayne County’s municipalities under a local agreement.  M.S.E.U. Officers focus on traffic enforcement and commercial vehicle enforcement within these Wayne County municipalities. With a large focus on commercial vehicle enforcement, M.S.E.U. Officers provide safer roads by targeting unsafe and overweight commercial vehicles.  The unit was designed to function as a self-supporting unit, thus not relying on General Fund Revenue to supplement it.  

For information concerning M.S.E.U refer to:

 Wayne County Frost Law Information    Michigan Length/Size Law 257.719

 City of Detroit Frost Law Information     Michigan Overweight Law 257.722


Secondary Roads Unit:

3100 Henry Ruff Westland, MI 48186



The Secondary Road Patrol’s primary purpose is to patrol the County’s Secondary Roads and perform activities which help reduce the threat of injury caused by traffic crashes on Secondary Roads.  Some duties included in patrolling Secondary Roads are: investigating and reporting traffic crashes, taking appropriate action against violators of criminal laws, issuing verbal warnings and written citations for violations, providing emergency assistance, taking complaints and providing traffic safety information and education programs.  These activities are endorsed by the Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP) which is a division of the Michigan Department of State Police. 


The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is implementing two new law enforcement tools to slow down speeders, those driving under the influence and traffic offenders putting innocent motorists at risk.  Sheriff Benny Napoleon is putting two stealth vehicles—a 2010 Chevy Camaro and 2010 Dodge Challenger—on patrol to take the agency’s law enforcement efforts on Secondary Roads to the next level.  The Sheriff is not wasting any time putting these vehicles into effect because in one year alone, Road Patrol conducted 19,389 traffic stops with a 20% increase over the previous year, with 317 arrested for driving under the influence in the previous three years.  

The semi-marked Camaro and Challenger are more apt to blend in with traffic giving them the ability to enhance enforcement efforts when it comes to speeding, DUI’s, and distracted driving.  Funding for the vehicles is provided by the Secondary Road Grant enacted in 1978 which established the Secondary Road Patrol program.  Both vehicles are valued at $35,000. 

Wayne County Sheriff Flexes Stealth Muscle Cars

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office said it has a new line of deputies' vehicles you may not notice belong to them.

Click here to view video



Challengers of Authority - by Steve Legel

Modern Muscle adds new chapter to long legacy of law enforcement. Read more...





Wayne County Community College Detail:


The Wayne County Sheriff's Office has become an integral partner with the Wayne County Community Campus District Police Authority (WCCCDPA), and the Michigan Institute for Public Safety Education (MIPSE).  The WCSO assists the District with maintaining order, enforcing laws, and ordinances, and protecting life and property on all campuses.  In addition, the WCSO has partnered with MIPSE to help the WCCCDPA maintain the required training for P.A. 330 Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards certification.  Within the past year, the WCSO and MIPSE have trained certified officers in criminal and constitutional law, firearms familiarization, narcotics and dangerous drugs, report writing, crime scene investigation, witness interview, and cultural diversity.

 We patrol three of the five WCCC campuses:


1.  WCCC Downtown Campus

     1001 W. Fort St.

     Detroit, MI 48226

     (313) 496-2558


2.  WCCC Eastern Campus

     5901 Conner

     Detroit, MI 48213

    (313) 579-6971


3.  WCCC Northwestern Campus

     8200 W. Outer Drive

     Detroit, MI 4819

     (313) 943-4041




The Deputies assigned to the Wayne County Community College Detail provide a supplemental public safety function by patrolling certain WCCCD campuses in order to suppress and investigate activities which may affect the security of its students, faculty and staff.  The Sheriff’s Office has expressed a continued commitment in providing this supplemental public safety function by assisting the WCCCD staff in providing a safe and secure learning community for the students, faculty and visitors.



Deed Fraud Unit

400 Monroe St – 7th Floor Detroit, MI 48226 (International Center Building)

24-hour Fraud Hotline (313) 224-5869 email: 

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Deed Fraud Unit began with Bernard J. Youngblood, Register of Deeds, collaborating with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.  The Wayne County Deed Fraud Unit is the first of its kind in the nation, established in 2005 due to the rise in complaints of fraudulent property activity being made to the Wayne County Register of Deeds Office.  After a complaint is filed it is reviewed to verify that it is legitimate.  If it is determined that fraudulent activity is suspected, the complaint is turned over to an investigator for a more thorough investigation.  Upon completion of the investigation, if fraudulent activity is proven, the case is forwarded to the Deed Fraud Unit Prosecutors for prosecution.


The preferred method is to come in person to the Wayne County Register of Deed’s Office and inform the receptionist you would like to file a fraud complaint.  When coming to file a complaint make sure you have proper identification and it is most helpful to bring all pertinent documents (Deeds, death certificates, contracts, agreements, wills, power of attorneys, receipts, and any other documents signed by the parties). Originals or copies are accepted pertaining to the complaint. 


Wayne County Mortgage and Deed Fraud Unit



Special Response Team


The mission of Wayne County Sheriff’s Special Response Team (SRT) is to support the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies within Wayne County with a tactical response to critical incidents and high-risk operations in a manner that reduces the chance of violence, injury or death.


The SRT is made up of officers, selected from within the agency, and Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) personnel who are responsible for responding to incidents which are beyond the capabilities of traditional law enforcement, using specialized equipment, weapons and tactics.


The SRT conducts continual training to handle the most difficult and potentially dangerous situations, such as hostage scenarios, barricaded gunmen, high-risk drug house search warrants, dynamic entry and potential Homeland Security issues. 


In addition, SRT supports ongoing regional efforts in Maritime Security in the Port of Detroit and International Waterways, Weapons of Mass Destruction and National Level Special Events.


Reserve Division

The Wayne County Sheriff's Reserve Unit is a community-oriented operation.  Members of this unit assist the agency in deterring crime in various areas such as:


Marine Unit

Internet Crime Unit

Police presence at high school sports events throughout the county

Funeral Escorts

Abandoned Vehicle Detailing

Assisting fulltime officers on special raids relating to blind pigs and sex offender sweeps

Subdivision Patrols

Concealed Pistol License processing

Reading to children at various schools throughout the county upon request related to safety, internet crimes, respect, morals and values


In addition, the Reserve Unit provides assistance at the following events:



Wayne County Fair

Willow Metro Park Fireworks


Ramadan and Ashoura

Belleville Strawberry Festival


Trenton City Fireworks

Lake Erie Metro Parks Fireworks

Hines Park 

Comerica Park Concerts 

Open Day Detroit Tigers Baseball

River Walk 

Detroit’s Target Fireworks 

Red Wing Hockey Playoff Games

Jazz on the River

City of Woodhaven Fireworks

Plymouth Fall Festival & Plymouth Chili Festival 



Learn how to become Reserve Deputy!



Police Property

Jail Division I

570 Clinton St. Detroit, MI 48226



The purpose of Police Property is to maintain proper inventory, distribute and record all equipment needed for the Wayne County Sheriff's Office to perform the functions of a law enforcement agency.  Police Property consists of all police equipment including vehicles, uniforms, personnel identification, and police communication equipment such as preparation radios.  Police property is also responsible for mandating all police property policies. 



The Wayne County Sheriff Regional Dispatch has been in existence since the 1940s.  The Regional Dispatch Center is a secure location, off limits to the public and is staffed 24 hours a day.  The Regional Dispatch center serves the citizens of Wayne County by taking various calls or complaints and dispatching Wayne County Sheriff's Units to the appropriate places including emergency runs in Wayne County Parks.  In doing this, Regional Dispatch provides accurate and timely information to the Officers served by Wayne County Sheriff Regional Dispatch to ensure their safety and the safety of the citizens.  

The responsibilities of Regional Dispatch also include:

·         Record the activities of dispatched units to provide an accurate record of events and unit availability

·         Monitor various radio channels and relay information to dispatched units on incidents where they may provide assistance

·         Take telephone requests for service and dispatch units as necessary

·         Provide timely notifications of incidents to the Wayne County Sheriff administrative staff

·         Handle the timely entry and cancellation of warrants and other system entries, including the confirmation of all Wayne County warrants for outside agencies

·         Assist other appropriate agencies and personnel

·         Collect, analyze and communicate information.

For over 40 years, the Wayne County Sheriff's Regional Dispatch Center has had the honor of dispatching a "Be on the Lookout (BOL)” for Santa Claus every Christmas holiday.  This BOL is transmitted state wide and Deputies from the Sheriff's Office have been known to take a radio over to Children's Hospital of Michigan so that children in the hospital can hear that Santa is on the way!   


Training Unit

21000 Northline Road, Taylor, Michigan.  
“Professional Training and a Whole Lot More”

Sheriff Benny N. Napoleon and his dedicated staff are fully committed to the delivery of the highest level of professional training.  The Sheriff believes that the core ingredient to a successful law enforcement agency is ongoing training, and that one of the byproducts of this training is to ensure that the public is provided quality service while being treated with dignity and respect.  Towards these ends, the Sheriff’s Training Unit is tasked with the responsibility of developing and implementing relevant and effective training, utilizing both classroom and on-line instruction.  The Training Unit’s mission is, “To provide relevant and effective training in response to the needs of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.” Thanks to the longstanding partnership between the Sheriff’s Office and Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD), the Training Unit is housed inside the WCCCD Downriver Campus. This unique collaboration between Sheriff Napoleon and WCCCD Chancellor Dr. Curtis Ivery continues to reap benefits for the residents of Wayne County, including: the substantial savings resulting from the sharing of resources, enhanced public safety, ready accessibility of the site (close to I-75, I-94, Telegraph Road US-24), and the college atmosphere conducive to the learning experience. 

The Training Unit is currently comprised of four full time-officers, one part-time civilian volunteer, and numerous in-house certified instructors.  These dedicated teams of professionals are responsible for the pre-service and in-service training/retraining of over 1000 sworn and non-sworn personnel, including the highly respected Wayne County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy force.  The Training Unit also offers specialized and advanced training for other agencies as well as members of the general public, including the highly popular Concealed Pistol License (CPL) classes.  The ultimate goal of the Training Unit is to provide training that ensures the highest level of professional law enforcement services, promotes public safety, improves job performance and proficiency, promotes organizational goals and objectives, and meets or exceeds all applicable local, state and federal guidelines, including those set by the Michigan Law Enforcement Officer’s Training Council Standards (MCOLES) and Michigan Sheriff’s Coordinating and Training Council (MSCTC).  The wide range of training offered includes: live fire and simulated firearms training, defensive tactics, use of force, legal updates, interpersonal communications, CPR and First Aid, Cultural Diversity, Human Relations, Ethics, Homeland Security, and Defensive Driving Tactics.



Benny N. Napoleon
Wayne County Sheriff
(313) 224-2222

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