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The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office provides a number of free items to help keep our most vulnerable citizens, specifically children and senior citizens, safe.  For more information on how to obtain some of these items, click on the links below or call our Community Outreach office at 313-224-0614.

Child Safety

Senior Safety


Computer Cop CD Kit

COMPUTER COP CD kit helps parents protect their kids in MySpace era

  • CD tracks online activity; Child ID kits let parents take fingerprints & DNA sample

For all its many benefits, the Internet for years has been a breeding ground for individuals who would seek to prey on innocent children. Parents’ justifiable fears have only escalated in recent months with the popularity of, an online community where children often naively post the kind of personal information that can make them an easy target for sexual predators.
Expanding on his commitment to protect their local children, Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans is providing 5,000 free copies of a new Internet First Responder kit. Not only does the kit include the same ComputerCop monitoring software the Sheriff’s Office has handed out in the past, it also give parents the tools they need to produce their own Child ID kit, complete with ink strips for fingerprints and swabs to take DNA samples.
“Our hope is that this kit will help parents keep their kids out of trouble in the first place, but you can never be too prepared,” Evans said. “Although it is a difficult thing to think about, every parent should have a Child ID kit in case the unthinkable occurs and their child turns up missing.”
Last year, Evans and his deputies handed out more than 9,000 copies of the ComputerCop CD in just a few months.  Today, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is among the first in the nation to provide the disk – itself a $40 value – and the child ID kits for free.
“The risks to children’s safety are growing every day and it’s important that parents have the tools they need to protect them,” Evans said.
In addition to the Child ID kits, the CD also has a number of other useful safety information, including:

  • Do-it-yourself Missing Person posters
  • Disaster preparedness planning
  • Fire Safety information
  • Gun Safety information
  • Basic First Aid Step-by Step instructions, including CPR, Mouth-to-Mouth breathing, treating burns & fractures and more

The kit is available at the following locations of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and other local police departments:

Sheriff’s Administration Building
1231 St. Antoine  in downtown Detroit

Sheriff’s Road Patrol Office
3100 Henry Ruff in Westland

Taylor Police Department
23515 Goddard Road

Grosse Pointe Park Police Department 
15115 E. Jefferson 




 Sheriff’s Office handing out FREE Gun Locks


Device can prevent tragedies, such as accidental shooting of 3-year-old Detroit boy

In an effort to reduce the risk of accidental gun deaths in our community the Wayne County Sheriff’s office is handing out 1,000 free gun locks to adults who keep guns in their home, Sheriff Warren Evans announced today.

“Unfortunately, we know that if a child gets their hands on a weapon, the consequences can be tragic. We hope that getting these gun locks out to responsible gun owners will help prevent that kind of community heartbreak,” Evans said.

Each year in the United States dozens of children are killed by the accidental discharge of a firearm. In most cases, the child was playing with an unsecured loaded gun he or she found in their home. Although the sheer number of deaths may be relatively small, they are all preventable, according to Evans.

“These are all avoidable tragedies,” said Evans. “We are providing these trigger locks so families can be safe from intruders and so parents won’t have to worry about their own children’s natural curiosity.”

Evans said his office is distributing the locks in conjunction with Project ChildSafe, a nationwide program whose purpose is to promote safe firearms handling and storage practices among all firearms owners. Project ChildSafe recently donated the gun locks to the Sheriff’s Office. Starting today, the gun locks are available at the following Sheriff’s Office locations:

Road Patrol Office
3100 Henry Ruff, north of Michigan Avenue in Westland
Phone: 734-721-2222

Administration Building
1231 St. Antoine near Greektown in downtown Detroit
Phone: 313-224-2222





Sheriff Offers 911 Cell Phones for Senior Citizens


  • Program aims to collect unwanted phones, distribute them to vulnerable adults

It’s estimated that in the United States there are more than 50 million unused cell phones sitting in drawers and closets, collecting dust. Although those phones may not have an active calling plan, they still can be used to dial 911. That’s why Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans today began distributing the first of more than 200 free emergency phones his department has collected with the help of the 911 Cell Phone Bank. 

Over time Evans says he hopes to be able to put thousands of phones into the hands of vulnerable senior citizens for use in an emergency.

 “These days, cell phones have become almost a disposable item, which means a growing number of people have one sitting in a drawer or closet not being used,” Evans said. “Instead of letting those phones go to waste, we want to get them in the hands of senior citizens so they can have added security and peace of mind.”

An emergency 911 call is always free and will connect the user to the nearest local emergency operator. However, in order for the operator to send help, the person calling will need to tell them their exact location, Evans said. Since demand is initially expected to exceed supply, the Sheriff’s Office will begin compiling a waiting list and distribute the phones on a first-come, first-serve basis, Evans said.

How to receive an Emergency 911 Cell Phone from the Wayne County Sheriff’s office:

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office at: 313-224-0614 to receive a free phone or to have your name placed on the waiting list

How to donate a cell phone to our program:
Anyone wanting to donate a working cell phone and charger may do so by dropping them off to the following Wayne County Sheriff’s Office locations:

  • Administration Building, 1231 St. Antoine near Greektown
  • Road Patrol Office, 3100 Henry Ruff at Michigan Avenue in Westland

When donating a phone:

  • Include all chargers and any other accessories you wish to part with

Place all items for each phone into a plastic bag that can be tied or sealed so the accessories do not get mixed up with those of other phones.

 File of Life (Medical records)

 Sheriff’s Office handing out FREE Safety Whistles

Benny N. Napoleon
Wayne County Sheriff
(313) 224-2222

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