Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot Safety Scenarios


Scenario #1

Wrong: Woman talking on cell phone while walking to vehicle. Because she is pre-occupied, she doesn’t notice her attacker coming. He snatches her purse.

Right: Woman is not talking on cell phone and is able to notice someone lurking near her car. She goes back inside and waits for him to leave.

Scenario #2

Wrong: Woman approaching her vehicle, which is parked between two SUVs. Because she can’t see above the SUVs, she again cannot see her attacker approaching. He takes her purse and runs.

Right: Woman’s car is parked in an area where she has good visibility and safely walks to her vehicle.

Scenario #3

Woman carrying a child with her purse hanging off her shoulder, outside her coat. Easy pickins for an opportunistic thief.

Right: Woman carrying a child while walking to her car. She has her purse over her shoulder, but under her coat. The attacker attempts to snatch her purse, but is unsuccessful.

Other Useful Tips

  • Shop with someone else you know, whenever possible, especially at night
  • Park your vehicle where it can be seen by other shoppers
  • Always Lock your car doors and activate your car alarm.
  • At night, park in a lit area
  • If you're shopping with children make sure you have constant vigil on them.
  • For the ladies, place your purse carried close to your body or tucked underneath your arm
  • When leaving the mall, make sure that no one is following you, either walking or driving behind you.
  • If you're not comfortable walking to your car at night ask security to escort you, especially if you're carrying expensive jewelry that you're wearing or purchased
  • Most importantly, stay alert at all times and survey your surrounding, especially now due to the heightened homeland security concerns.
  • Do not leave merchandise or other valuables in the passenger compartment of your car while you are shopping. 
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