Sheriff's Training Classes


The Training Unit is primarily responsible for providing state required training that academy recruits receive to become certified police officers, as well as in-service training for current offices.  However, the Sheriff’s Training Center also offers several classes that are available to the public, such as reserve officer training, First Aid/CPR, CCW gun safety training (including a new CCW class just for women) and more. The Training Center is under the direction of Deputy Chief Larry Hall.

For more information on receiving training call (734) 287-2225.

Sheriff's Training Classes

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office offers a variety of high quality training opportunities to the public to help citizens remain safe and well prepared. Many classes are free of charge, but others require a fee. For schedules and availability, contact the Sheriff’s Training Center at (734) 287-2225 or check our website’s Community Calendar.


Benny N. Napoleon
Wayne County Sheriff
(313) 224-2222

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