Trials Division

The Trial Division is responsible for the prosecution of all felony cases in the Wayne County Third Circuit Court - Criminal Division. A felony is any crime that is punishable by imprisonment for more than one year.


This unit handles a variety of criminal trials including cases involving arson, assaults, drug violations, embezzlement, forgery, home invasion, homicides, retail fraud, robbery, sexual assaults, theft and weapon offenses.
The Victim Services Unit assists victims and witnesses of crimes during their involvement with the criminal justice system.


The Animal Protection Unit (APU) assists in the investigation and prosecution of all crimes involving animals. The Unit reviews warrants pertaining to animal cruelty, animal fighting and the criminal aspects of animals injured during the commission of other crimes.
Homicide Unit
This unit was formed to ensure that survivors of homicide victims receive the attention they need and offenders in homicide cases are held accountable for their actions.
Major Drug Unit
Prosecutes cases involving large quantities of controlled substances and the organizations that control narcotic operations. The prosecutors work closely with federal, state and city law enforcement agencies investigating high-level narcotics traffickers.
PATU (Prosecutor's Auto Theft Unit)
This unit handles most crimes related to motor vehicles including vehicle theft, chop shops, insurance fraud and fleeing cases. PATU is partially funded by a grant from Automobile Theft Prevention Authority. The unit also handles cases involving identity theft, utility theft, copper theft and carjacking.


Child Abuse Unit
Child Abuse is a unit made up of specially trained prosecutors and victim advocates. The unit prosecutes all cases when children or special needs persons are victims of sexual or physical assault. The unit handles the case from inception to final disposition. The unit strives to insure that children and other special needs victims are treated professionally and respectfully.
Domestic Violence Unit
Prosecutes assaultive crimes arising out of an intimate domestic relationship. A domestic relationship is defined as: a spouse, a former spouse, a resident or former resident of the defendant’s household, an individual who has a child in common with the victim, or, an individual who has/had a dating relationship with the victim.
Elder Abuse Unit
Crimes where the victim is 65 years or over and the crime is a(n): assaultive crime, home invasion, arson, occurred at a nursing home, occurred at a licensed or unlicensed adult foster care facility, and/or fraud cases involving $10,000 or more.
Recovers money owed to children by non-custodial parents who have the ability to pay. The WCPO only handles cases that meet certain criteria, including where the arrearage is in excess of $5,000 and there is reason to believe the arrearage is collectible.
Sexual Assault Team
The Specialized Assault team vertically prosecutes sexual assault cases.